a- WE collect data by means of online transactions by way of:
(i) non identifiable information like cookies, browsers, ISPs, This data allows us to know where visitors travel around our site.
(ii)Identifiable information like – name, address, email, phone, that is provided by YOU.
(iii) IP address- WE collect IP address data as a means of tracking, ie where users go on the site etc. This is intended as a non identifiable information source however YOU should note in circumstances where WE feel it is warranted ie: questions of legality or security arise, this information will be provided as required by law to enforcement agencies.
(iv)  If WE note use of proxies, those accounts or use of this service to YOU will be suspended without further notice or restitution.
(v)All electronic purchases from this site are encrypted with tracking to ensure piracy and illegal content sharing is avoided. If any inappropriate activity is detected that item will no longer be accessible to the BUYER.
If by chance something has occurred in error YOU may contact us to clarify.
b- WE store that (ii)Identifiable information as a means of communication to YOU about products, updates, promotions, services and sales.
c- WE make contact with YOU via email or text as provided by YOU.
c(i) – YOU may unsubscribe from regular newsletters at any time.
c(ii)- if YOU are an active member, YOU must provide us with an electronic means of communication.
d- Each individual store will have payment details if YOU purchase from that store to allow for order fulfillment.   As required by marketplace service store owners are not permitted to make contact with BUYERS  individually unless BUYERS expressly request in writing specifically via individual operators contact using the “?” tab to do so.
e- (apart from order fulfillment) WE do not provide your data to any other third party for any reason except as required by law if that data is involved in illegal or inappropriate activity as further defined in this agreement.
f- Your personal information access  – YOU can update your own information at anytime or request your data to be removed or altered if YOU are unable to do so.
g- External links -The site may contain links to third party sites and services, WE do not endorse nor have any control over such sites nor their products or services. Any reliance on the content or services of such external sites is done at your own risk and YOU assume all responsibility for any issues relating to the use of any external links.